Long Term Effects of Mother's Schooling on Children Outcomes: Evidence from Adoptees

Claudia Sanhueza ( ILADES-UAH) y Elin Baldárrago (ILADES-UAH)**Presenta: Claudia Sanhueza**

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Credit Market Shocks and Economic Fluctuations: Evidence from Corporate Bond and Stock Markets

Simon Gilchrist (Boston U), Vladimir Yankov (Boston U), y Egon Zakrajsek (Federal Reserve Board)**Pre

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Are Free Trade Agreements Contagious?

Richard Baldwin and Dany Jaimovic (Graduate Institute, Geneva),

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" “Free-riding and cooperation in environmental games

Ana Espinola-Arredondo (Washington State U)** **

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International Migration, Transfers of Norms and Home Country Fertility

Michel Beine (U Luxemburg) , Frédéric Docquier (FNRS and IRES) and Maurice Schiff **

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