18 Diciembre, 2017

Former FEN student won a distinction in Oxford

Dafna Bitran, is a young economist, graduated in 2015 as a Commercial Engineer from our School of Economics and Busines (FEN). She has recently finished her MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management at the University of Oxford, UK. The Director of this MSc Program, Professor Paul Jepson, has informed that Dafna gained distinction overall and a distinction for her research dissertation entitled “Daring to imagine: A new look at the process of realizing the Yasuní-ITT initiative through the lens of STS”. This is a significant achievement that shows the strong academic background of our students that enables them to successfully perform in research and graduate studies in top ranked universities of the world, and not only in areas related to economic and social sciences but also in a wide range of research areas highly relevant for the future sustainability of the planet and the wellbeing of its population. To graduate from our School before going to Oxford, Dafna produced her Graduation Seminar “Economic Valuation of Cultural Ecosystem Services in a Desert Zone: Tarapacá Region, Chile”, which was part of a lager project directed by Professor Eugenio Figueroa of our Department of Economics: “Map of the Economic Value of Ecosystem Services of the Tarapaca Region-Chile”. Dafna was a research assistant in this project as well as in another project in the XI Region: “Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services Related to the Fishing General Law in the Region of Aysen-Chile”, both projects were carried out during 2014-2016 by the Center of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (CENRE) for the Regional Government of Tarapacá and the Ministry of the Economy of Chile.